About United Nations Columbia


We are the Columbia University-wide campus chapter of the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UN Columbia).

All Columbia University affiliated students are encouraged to follow our page and join our group—officially recognized by both the United Nations Foundation as well as Columbia University in the City of New York's Interschool Governing Board.

The purpose of the United Nations Association of the United States of America Columbia University-wide Chapter (UNA-USA CUWC) aka 'UN Columbia' is to strengthen the relationship between individual's within member states—including but not limited to students and the United Nations (UN)—in an effort to raise public awareness about the work of the UN; as well as to assist in the university-wide promotion of the UN Global Goals for sustainable development. UN Columbia seeks to educate members and students alike, about the vital work of the UN on matters pertaining to a) the promotion and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals; b) environmental health and sustainability; c) economic and social welfare of Global Civil Society; d) human rights and humanitarian affairs; and e) peace, security, and disarmament.

Accordingly, UN Columbia advocates for the importance of forging a strong relationship between the UN, its member states and the Columbia University-wide campus community; finally, UN Columbia establishes a network of student UN supporters with the objective of mobilizing them to collectively utilize this network as a pathway towards cultivating a generation of globalized leaders distinguished by their ethos, pragmatism, and commitment to building a sustainable future. 

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